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valentines day/weekend plans? - Sexuality and Relationships ...

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I know there may be some recently split/cheated/single shroomerites but even so what's everyone doin for themselves or the person they put their heart on the line for?

My dude is super into pizza/mythology/booze/custard.

So my plans are to bang one out after he gets off work.......
then head to a byob pizza place that's making all their pizzas into heart shapes for the weekend.......
then head to a new HUGE Greek mythology exhibit at one of the museums.....
then head to a bakery that mixes gourmet cupcakes with custards called cement mixers....
then go see chronicle at the movies......
then prob bang again.

What do you guys think? Sound like a good V-date night? I know its a total fatass fest but this is a holiday you know?

An yah what's everyone else got planned?

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It's my first vday alone in 8 years. No truly alone I'll be with my son probably take him out to dinner get him a Thomas the train toy and either go to a movie or buy one and have an awesome nIght. There's a woman who asked me out for drinks but tbh I don't know if I'm ready she's been trying to jump my bone for a few years now. It's only been a day since the divorce papers were signed. I think my best bet is to stay home with my kid.

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Staying home with the kid doesn't sound bad at all. I honestly can't wait till I start having my own I'm thinking the next 2 years is when Im gonna take the kid plunge!

An yah might be a little early to start seeing another lady with a fresh divorce but who knows it might help you get over it? :shrug:

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I'm going to say "happy valentines day" to my gf.


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This will probably be the first valentines I actually spend with a lady to be honest. - I've normally made a special effort not to have anyone due to all the parties happening and all the desperate single girls who go to these parties :grin:

but will probably end up making a meal together with the lady, smoke a joint, and bump some uglies for the rest of the night.

but i hope you all have fun! and btw, Anon 1 your date sounds pretty awesome - a bit of thought put into it always helps and makes it that much more special :thumbup:

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You just need a girl that doesn't buy into BS American consumer based holidays...? I'm sooooo happy my girl doesn't participate in holidays, it's the best thing we could have ever had in common.

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checking in to the W hotel. got 105 minute massages for the both of us at a nice spa. then dinner at one of the nicest places in the city.

should be nice.

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Damn #3 sounds good!


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