Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bram Stoker Award Finalists announced by Horror Writers Association

Earlier this month, we brought you news of the Horror Writer?s Association and their Vampire Novel of the Century Award .

Now the Horror Writers Association have announced the finalists for their Bram Stoker Awards 2011!

The following information is taken from the HWA website:

?Each year, the Horror Writer?s Association presents the Bram Stoker Awards for Superior Achievement, named in honor of Bram Stoker, author of the seminal horror work, Dracula. The Bram Stoker Awards were instituted immediately after the organization?s incorporation in 1987.

To ameliorate the competitive nature of any award system, the Bram Stoker Awards are given ?for superior achievement,? not for ?best of the year,? and the rules are deliberately designed to make ties possible. The first awards were presented in 1988 (for works published in 1987) and they have been presented every year since. The award itself is an eight-inch replica of a fanciful haunted house, designed specifically for HWA by sculptor Steven Kirk. The door of the house opens to reveal a brass plaque engraved with the name of the winning work and its author.

Any work of Horror first published in the English language may be considered for an award during the year of its publication. The categories for which a Bram Stoker Award may be presented have varied over the years, reflecting the state of the publishing industry and the horror genre.

From 2011 the eleven Bram Stoker Award categories are: Novel, First Novel, Short Fiction, Long Fiction, Young Adult, Fiction Collection, Poetry Collection, Anthology, Screenplay, Graphic Novel and Non-Fiction.?

A Bram Stoker Award

This year marks the centenary of the passing of Bram Stoker in 1912 and the awards will be presented at the Bram Stoker Awards Banquet, held at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City on 31 March 2012. To check out the finalists from all the categories, head over to the HWA website HERE.


Source: http://www.andyerupts.com/2012/02/bram-stoker-award-finalists-announced-by-horror-writers-association/

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