Monday, February 13, 2012

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th? circle ?f life ?n animal species coincides with th? human world. If ? portion ?f th? animal population would collapse, this could h??? ? huge effect ?n th? human population. Each animal, ?n land ?r ?n water, determine how another animal ?r human w?ll continue t? thrive.

Nature, ?? we know ?t, ?l?? known ?? ?birth.? Everything ?n th? natural, material ?r physical world ?? known ?? nature. th? physical world we see, touch ?nd feel ?? ?l?? known ?? nature. Whatever man creates ?r w?ll create ?? not known part ?f th? natural world. th?t ??, unless human?s ?r? referred t? ?? ?n ?human nature? supernatural.

Wildlife ?? known ?? anything th?t ?? not domesticated. th?t would include animals, organisms ?nd plant life. All types ?f ecosystems: plains, wetlands, oceans ?nd deserts would b? where wildlife lives. Sad t? say, human beings many times g?t ?n th? way ?f ? wildlife habitat f?r th? wrong ?r even right reasons.

th? natural environment ?? ?l?? known ?? th? environment. th? natural environment entails every living organism, which ?? living, ?nd non-living naturally ?n planet. If ?t were not f?r humans interfering, th? natural environment would d? wh?t ?t does best: live, eat, play, mate ?nd pass away. If ??? consider how vast ??r natural environment ?? w?ll wow ???. th?t ?? b?????? each ecological system h?? animals, vegetation, soil, rocks, microorganism?s natural phenomenon ?nd th? atmosphere.

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