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Hyatt House Makes Atlanta Debut -

One of Hyatt Hotels Corporation?s ( H - Snapshot Report ) upscale brands, HYATT house, recently made its debut in Georgia with the opening of a hotel in Atlanta. Christened HYATT house Atlanta/Cobb Galleria ? the new property was developed and unveiled by Noble Investment Group and Interstate Hotels & Resorts.

HYATT house Atlanta/Cobb Galleria is ideally positioned at the juncture of Cobb Galleria?s Interstate-75 and Interstate-285 in Northwest Corridor, Atlanta. The hotel lies in close proximity to One Overton Park Galleria, Life University and Cobb Galleria Centre.

HYATT house Atlanta/Cobb Galleria featuring 149 guestrooms and suites, also has meeting space measuring 2,000 square feet. The resort will offer various other amenities like restaurants, swimming pools, spa and a fitness center.

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is home to the world's largest home improvement retailer, The Home Depot, Inc. ( HD - Analyst Report ) . Other big companies like IBM ( IBM - Analyst Report ) and General Electric Company ( GE - Analyst Report ) also have their offices here. Hence, Atlanta is of strategic importance for a hotel company as it is an important destination for business travelers. HYATT house Atlanta/Cobb Galleria, which is easily accessible from various corporate hubs and social centers, will likely create a strong guest base, going ahead.

Introduced in 2012, the company?s HYATT house brand was previously known as Hyatt Summerfield Suites and Hotel Sierra. It comprises small-to-mid sized residential-type contemporary hotels. As of now, nearly 54 unique properties are currently under the HYATT house brand spread throughout 50 locations in the U.S.

HYATT house boasts prestigious hotels such as HYATT house Charlotte Airport, North Carolina, HYATT house Hartford North/Windsor, Connecticut and HYATT house Chicago/Naperville/Warrenville, Ill. As a part of the Hyatt group, these properties get to reap the benefits of its much greater scale in the industry.

Hyatt currently carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).


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HBT: MLB creates task force to attract black players

Even if we are taking the annual Lapchick study with a grain of salt due to its failure to use common denominators, Major League Baseball takes the underlying issue of the decline of U.S.-born blacks in baseball seriously enough that it?s doing something about it:

Major League Baseball has created a task force to study why the number of African-Americans playing the sport has declined in recent years, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The 17-member committee, which will be chaired by Tigers president/GM Dave Dombrowski, will hold its first meeting in Milwaukee on Wednesday. He?ll be joined by several other baseball executives, plus Stanford athletic director Bernard Muir; Frank Marcos, senior director of baseball?s scouting bureau; and former White Sox and Mets manager Jerry Manuel.

I wish baseball hadn?t made a mockery of task forces and studies with that whole Oakland thing, because I would like to think that this would lead to some actual useful and actionable information.?Here?s hoping it does, because it would tickle me pink if baseball could figure out how to get more kids to put down the footballs and basketballs and pick up a bat and a glove.

The answer, at least in part, is probably money and engagement by people and organizations with money. Because we have to face facts that baseball is not a cheap sport to play on the amateur level, what with its single-use fields, travel and equipment requirements. ?I know there are urban initiatives afoot by the league, but in addition to that I?d like to see something less charitable/community-involvement-oriented and something of something that is more ruthlessly talent-development-orients. A system in which teams try to identify and support young baseball talent in the U.S. with an idea toward making them major league ballplayers. The draft disincentivizes this, sadly, but perhaps there?s a workaround or league-wide solution.


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Kate Upton, Diddy NOT Dating, Stars Confirm


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Hooters sued by former waitress in war over wig

Following brain surgery, your main worry should not be whether you?ll get fired at work for refusing to wear a wig that scrapes your scar. But former Hooters waitress Sandra Lupo contends in a lawsuit that?s what happened when she declined to don a wig and her hours were reduced so much, she was forced to quit.

She filed a disability discrimination lawsuit in Missouri against Hooters of St. Peters, LLC and Hooters of America LLC and is seeking $25,000 for mental and emotional distress, plus punitive damages, attorney fees and other relief.

"Hooters of America believes the lawsuit is without foundation, denies the accusations and has filed a motion that the lawsuit be dismissed," the company said in a statement to NBC News. Hooters, in an April 5 response to the court, denies most of her statements and says ?its actions were taken for legitimate, nondiscriminatory business reasons.?

Hooters is a privately held chain of restaurants that bank on attractive waitresses wearing short shorts and cleavage-hugging shirts.

Lupo, who had been working at the Hooters of St. Peters, Mo., since 2005, was in her last six weeks of nursing school and was at her computer in June 2012 when she felt tingling and numbness on her left side. ?I was bleeding out in my brain,? she told

She spent a week in the hospital following her July 2 surgery and was visited by her Hooters manager, according to her suit filed on the Circuit Court of St. Charles County.

The lawsuit claims that her store manager told her ?she could return to work as soon as she was capable, and that, she could wear a ?chemo cap? or any other items of jewelry to distract from her lack of hair and the visibility of her cranial scar.?

Her hair had been cut to ?-inch for the surgery.

On July 16, Lupo?s doctors gave her the all-clear to return to work. Soon after, she met with her manager and the Hooters' regional manager, who said she would be required to wear a wig at work, according to Lupo?s lawsuit.

Hooters? April 5 filing does not address whether any of its employees told Lupo to wear a wig. It says that her manager ?informed her she would need a head covering.?

At the time of the meeting, Lupo protested that she was unable to afford a wig, which can cost from several hundred to several thousands of dollars, according to her claim.

When she did return to work July 21, wigless, she was told a wig was required. She then borrowed a wig but it ?caused extreme stress to her body because of the surgery and the healing wound,? according to the suit.

Hooters then reduced her hours ?to the point that Plaintiff could not earn an income, thereby forcing Plaintiff to quit,? according to the suit. ?It is and has been the routine custom, policy and practice of Defendants to reduce their employees? hours which forces them to voluntarily resign thereby making them ineligible for unemployment compensation.?

The Hooters filing specifically denies that allegation.

After Lupo said she could not wear the wig, Hooters stopped scheduling her for as many hours, she said.

?I actually had to beg for one shift a week,? Lupo said. Pre-surgery, she was working several days a week while finishing nursing school. She had also trained staff and worked promotions for the restaurant, but no alternate duties were offered to her.

?They refused to accommodate it,? she said.

Today she is recovered, graduated and working as a registered nurse.

?Justice,? she said, is the main goal of the lawsuit.


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Peel-and-stick thin film solar cells

Apr. 9, 2013 ? Hanyang University in collaboration with Stanford University has succeeded in fabricating peel-and-stick thin film solar cells (TFSCs). The Si wafer is clean and reusable. Moreover, as the peeled-off TFSCs from the Si wafer are thin, light-weight, and flexible, it can be attached onto any form or shape of surface like a sticker.

Professor Dong Rip Kim of the Department of Mechanical Engineering has succeeded in fabricating peel-and-stick thin film solar cells (TFSCs) with the collaboration of Stanford team led by Professor Xiaolin Zheng. This method makes possible the overcoming of hardships related to working with traditional solar cells, namely the lack of handling, high manufacturing cost, and limited flexibility while maintaining performance.

Kim is currently in charge of the Hanyang University Nanotechnology for Energy Conversion Lab. His research interests are solar cells, energy conversion devices using nanomaterials, flexible electronics, nanoelectronics, and nanosensors. Among Kim's recent publications are "Peel-and-Stick: Fabricating Thin Film Solar Cell on Universal Substrates" in the journal of Scientific Reports, "Shrinking and Growing: Grain Boundary Density Reduction for Efficient Polysilicon Thin-Film Solar Cells" in the journal of Nano Letters, and "Thermal Conductivity in Porous Silicon Nanowire Arrays" in the journal of Nanoscale Research Letters.

Most solar cells are now fabricated on Si wafers or glass substrates. The biggest issue for commercialized solar cells is their high price. In addition, due to their fabrication on the Si wafer, the cells are rigid and heavy while being fragile. While they are recognized as one of the most crucial alternative sources of energy, such limitations have prevented wider application of solar cells.

Fortunately, Kim and his colleagues devised an idea to produce a light-weight flexible solar cell on nonconventional or universal substrates that overcomes the limitations of traditional methods while maintaining performance. By doing so, Kim believed that his new cells could broaden the application spectrum of solar cells.

The success comes from using the same traditional fabrication method while adding a metal layer between the fabricated a-Si:H TFSCs and the underlying Si/SiO2 wafer. After numerous attempts and trials, Kim and his colleagues found a method to reliably peel the fabricated TFSCs from the Si/SO2 wafer by using water penetration between the metal layer and the SiO2 layer on the wafer.

The Si wafer is clean and reusable, which is a big cost-saving factor for solar cells. Moreover, as the peeled-off TFSCs from the Si wafer are thin, light-weight, and flexible, it can be attached onto any form or shape of surface like a sticker. Although others have successfully fabricated TFSCs on flexible substrates to realize the flexible solar cells, many efforts have been driven to modify the existing processes for solar cell fabrication, due to the rubber-like properties of the flexible substrates. Importantly, Kim and his colleagues made the light-weight flexible solar cells without modifying any existing fabrication processes, and their performance was maintained even after the transfer. Kim states that their novel technology is not limited to the solar cells only. Numerous other appliances like flexible displays can adopt his method.

"I will continue to focus on creating highly efficient but low costing energy conversion devices with nanotechnology," Kim said. Moreover, his future research will focus on applying his method in other types of solar cells and in other applications.

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Journal References:

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  2. Chi Hwan Lee, Dong Rip Kim, In Sun Cho, Nemeth William, Qi Wang, Xiaolin Zheng. Peel-and-Stick: Fabricating Thin Film Solar Cell on Universal Substrates. Scientific Reports, 2012; 2 DOI: 10.1038/srep01000
  3. Jeffrey M Weisse, Amy M Marconnet, Dong Kim, Pratap M Rao, Matthew A Panzer, Kenneth E Goodson, Xiaolin Zheng. Thermal conductivity in porous silicon nanowire arrays. Nanoscale Research Letters, 2012; 7 (1): 554 DOI: 10.1186/1556-276X-7-554

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Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

'Iron Man 3' Extended Scene To Power Up MTV Movie Awards!

Before watching the full clip during Sunday's show, team up with fans to unlock another exclusive first look.
By Todd Gilchrist

Robert Downey Jr. in "Iron Man 3"
Photo: Marvel/Disney


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Kenya to swear in president, leave West with headache

By Edmund Blair

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya swears in Uhuru Kenyatta as president on Tuesday after an election that avoided the bloodshed of five years ago, but left Western nations with the challenge of how to deal with a leader indicted by the International Criminal Court.

Western states regard Kenya as crucial to regional stability and have supported the role played by Kenyan and other African troops in efforts to push back al Qaeda-affiliated Islamist militants in neighboring Somalia.

The United States and European powers said they would send ambassadors to attend Kenyatta's inauguration ceremony - a level of representation diplomats said was still in line with their position of having only "essential contacts" with indictees.

It is part of a delicate balancing act that seeks to retain a policy of limiting contacts while avoiding driving east Africa's biggest economy closer towards China and other emerging Asian powers that have been gaining influence on the continent.

"They find themselves in a very difficult position," said Kenya expert Daniel Branch at Britain's Warwick University. "My sense is everyone will find some method of accommodation."

Sitting alongside the Western envoys will be about a dozen African heads of state as well as prime ministers and other top officials. China and India, neither signatories to the statutes that set up the ICC, are sending senior government officials.

But Western ambassadors at the stadium on the outskirts of Nairobi will be saved one awkward moment. A Kenyan government spokesman said the ceremony would not be attended by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is charged with genocide in The Hague and now faces an arrest warrant for not cooperating.

Kenyatta and his deputy president, William Ruto, who is also facing charges of crimes against humanity, have both promised to work with the court to clear their names of charges they deny.

Western diplomats have indicated they will take a "pragmatic" line in dealing with Kenyatta's government, but said much would depend on his cooperation with the court.

He is accused of orchestrating tribal blood-letting after the disputed vote five years ago that killed 1,200 people.

A dispute over who won the election this time was played out peacefully in court. The victory by Kenyatta, who is the son of Kenya's founding president, was upheld.


Many Kenyans hope that Kenyatta, a 51-year-old former finance minister, will now deliver a swift improvement in the economy, which has yet to return to the 7 percent growth rate attained before the December 2007 vote.

In an early sign of Western determination to keep a close partnership with Kenya, U.S. Ambassador Robert Godec met Kenyatta last week for the first time since his election and EU ambassadors put in a request for a session with him.

"We will continue to engage with the government of Kenya," said one European diplomat, noting that the ICC charges are against individuals, not the nation.

An EU official said the meeting requested with Kenyatta aimed to "clear the air" over speculation that the West would impose sanctions on Kenya if Kenyatta won. "No one is talking of sanctions," the official told Reuters.

Although some Kenyatta aides talk of a swivel east if the West spurns Kenya, the U.S.-educated Kenyatta may be just as concerned about any deterioration in ties with the EU, a big donor and significant importer of Kenyan produce, and Washington, which provides about $900 million in aid a year.

An Asian diplomat noted that Kenya could not easily switch away from Western markets, even though he said ties with Asian nations were growing.

Warwick University's Branch said Kenyatta was keenly aware of the need to keep steady relations with the West. "Kenya is part of the global economy and markets in the EU are far too important," he said.

A big portion of Kenya's horticultural exports head to Europe and many tourists, another source of hard currency, come from there. Western oil and gas firms are also major players in Kenya's emerging hydrocarbons industry.

(Editing by Mark Heinrich)


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