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Homes?built according to modern architecture do not usually have?vertical sliding windows. These, for the most part, can be seen in older buildings where they were commonly installed in the bathrooms. One reason for installing these kinds of windows in bathrooms was that there was inadequate space for anything larger.

However, if you have a vertical sliding window in your house, you would notice that it can be jarred easily, and this can become a?nuisance. You can call your handyman to fix it for you, but you can also easily do this on your own without spending anything.

Fixing a Window

To start off, locate the cause of the problem. Why is the window jammed in the?first?place? It is mostly because of accumulated dirt and debris. To get?rid?of this, simply slide your window up and vacuum grime, preferably with a brush nozzle.

However, sometimes the window can be stuck because of a technical problem. In this case, you will have to unscrew the window from its place to fix it. After removing all the screws, remove the sash of the window, along with locks or any other component that holds it.

These parts will be filled with dust and they will also be rusty. Try cleaning them up first. After that, you can oil them or use a silicone lubricant. This will not only make your window easy to open or close, but also remove any squeaky noises.

Finally, the window can be jarred if its tracks have become crooked. In this case, you have to straighten them up with a hammer. Make sure you do this on a sturdy surface. In addition, hammer forcefully but take your time in order to avoid bending the tracks the other way.

Window Paint

Since windows tend to be old, people paint them time and again. Sometimes, the paint seals the window shut, making it difficult to move. In this case, you will have to slice through the paint or scrape it with a thin but sharp object, like a knife blade.

Complete Replacement

Maybe the windows are damaged beyond repair and you simply have to replace them. You will also have to change the weather stripping as well which helps to maintain the temperature inside the house. Pull out the window by unscrewing the sash as before. If there is any particular thing hindering this process, remove it before pulling the window out.

You may have to lift the window and even twist to a certain degree in order to remove it from the wall. If the upper window is also a slider, bring it down and remove it using the same process. Next, take the new weather stripping and neatly place on the border of the new window.

Finally, simply install the new window in the same way you removed the damaged one. Not only will the new window open and shut freely, but the weather stripping will help to neutralize the temperature inside your house as well.


Hopefully, these tips will help you in your home improvement endeavors. Just make sure that there are no sharp spots or protruding nails near the window that can tear the weather stripping away. Otherwise, you will have to change it often.

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