Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Video: Search delayed for beloved New Orleans teacher

>>> right now, a desperate search is underway to find the beloved teach here vanished nearly three weeks ago. terrilyn monnette disappeared after celebrating with her friends. today searchers are using sonar technology to coma murky bayou. they're looking for that honda accord she was last seen in. detectives admit they have very few leads. joining me, her sister candace and her mother toni . thank you for being with me. and candace, let me start with you. what are investigators telling you?

>> well, right now, we know that tim miller who is the person in charge of equisearch, his equipment on his boat broke down so he had to go back to houston and he is actually going to be coming back. he was supposed to be back out there today searching.

>> okay, toni , what do you think happened to your daughter?

>> i honestly feel someone has her. i really believe someone has her.

>> what makes you think that?

>> i just have a feeling. i've walked near the area where they're searching in the water. and i feel that if she was there, i would sense it. and i do not have no sense of her being there.

>> a mother's intuition.

>> what was your last conversation with her?

>> it was a brief conversation on friday evening. we talk every day. and we just spoke like we normally speak. i didn't sense anything in her voice that led me to believe that there was a problem or anything. and i said, okay, baby, good night and i'll talk to you tomorrow. i said i love you and i'll talk to you tomorrow.

>> i'm sorry. go ahead.

>> i was going to say, but when the next day came, i didn't get to speak to her. i did not get to hear her voice. her phone was going to voicemail all day and that's when i knew something was definitely wrong.

>> kandice, what do we know about what happened that night?

>> all we know is i spoke to terrilyn friday evening at 6:30. and she was heading to dinner with a couple of her friends to celebrate her nomination as teacher of the year. and i spoke to her. it was a regular conversation. no distress or any stress or anything like that in her voice. spoke to her briefly. and she was fine. she sounded happy.

>> more than 1,600 people are informing the facebook page dedicated to finding her. hundreds have volunteered to go out on those local searches. what is all of that support? what has it meant to you?

>> there has been so overwhelmingly, i couldn't believe the magnitude of people that have reached out trying to help us locate terrilynn by doing the fund-raisers. words can't explain how i feel about that. everyone, even now, they're still calling. we're doing this, miss toni , we're doing that. they're doing everything they can possibly do to assist us in finding terrilynn.

>> if she is watching right now, or if someone who is with her is watching right now, what message would you have for them?

>> i would like to just say that we just want terrilynn back safe and unharmed. that's it. just please just bring her back. terrilynn was not only my sister but was my best friend . and i just feel like a piece of me is missing without her here. if you can just please, just make sure that she gets back to us safe and unharmed. that's all that we want. that's all that we ask.

>> before i let you ladies go here, in addition to being a wonderful daughter and a best friend and a sister, she was also apparently one heck of a school teacher down there in new orleans.

>> yes, she was.

>> tell us about that.

>> she is, terrilynn has always had a passion for teaching. it was something that she always wanted to do even when she was in second grade. she wanted to be a teacher and she has impacted those kids. she's brought their test scores up. she's been unremarkable to say that she's only been teaching a year and a half. it will be two years in may that she's been teaching. in that length of time, she's been unremarkable. unremarkable. i'm so, so proud of my daughter and i feel that it is not over yet. she has to accomplish more. that's why she has to continue doing what she's doing and that is to teach them.

>> do keep us posted.


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