Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Schramm's Mead, New Meadery, Set To Open In Ferndale, Michigan

The Detroit area is developing into a real hotspot for mead, believe it or not. The suburb of Ferndale, which is already home to the B. Nektar Meadery, will soon add a second distillery of the alcoholic drink created by fermenting honey and water.

Schramm's Mead plans to open this May in downtown Ferndale at the site of an old record store on Nine Mile Road, Patch reports.

Ken Schramm, the proprietor of the new meadery, has a wealth of experience crafting the beverage dating back to 1989. Not only has he written a book on the subject, but, working with the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild in 1990, he helped found the nation's only mead-specific competition, the Mazer Cup, according to his website.

"Schramm?s Mead will be a craft meadery, hopefully in the best sense of the term. Our goal is to see how deliciously Schramm?s can make each mead we create," Schramm said in an address to the Ferndale City Council reprinted on his company's Facebook page. "We will use U.S.-made ingredients, and preferably Michigan-made ingredients wherever possible."

The meadery plans to produce a 200-gallon batch each month. Mead will be sold in bottles and by the glass at the meadery's tasting room. Schramm's product line has included raspberry and ginger meads, as well as a capstone variety made from currants, cherries and raspberries, according to the company's website.

Schramms' competitor, the B. Nektar Meadery, opened for business in 2008 and recently added a second production facility in the city.

Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter told WWJ radio last week that mead is becoming what craft beer was to the nineties. He added that the city had a knack for attracting "interesting, millennial type entrepreneurs that are willing to do something different.?

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