Thursday, March 21, 2013

AT&T to offer larger data plans for businesses

AT&T to offer larger data plans for businesses

AT&T is rolling out new, large data plans aimed at businesses. The new plans start at $300 per month for 30GB of data, with 40GB going for $400 per month, and 50GB for $500. Devices like feature phones, laptops, and tablets can all be added to these plans as well. These new plans, under the Mobile Share umbrella, also come with unlimited talk and text, as well as tethering for smartphones. AT&T says:

The new plans are ideal for businesses, as well as consumers who need more data, and build on AT&T?s existing Mobile Share plans with expanded options of 30 GB, 40 GB and 50 GB, including unlimited calls and texts. In addition, AT&T is offering new Mobile Share ? Data plans for businesses and consumers and new Business Pooled Nation for Data plans for business customers.

Each plan is also limited by the number of devices it can add to these plans. For the 30GB plan, a business can add 15 devices, while 40GB and 50GB can ad 20 and 25 devices, respectively. Businesses that need to add more devices can use the AT&T Business Pooled Nation for Data plans, which have options ranging from 300MB to 10GB per month. Finally, AT&T is adding data-only plans for consumers and businesses, starting at $30 per month for 4GB, going to $335 for 50GB. Each of these plans will be available beginning this Friday, March 22.

Source: AT&T


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