Thursday, December 22, 2011

'American Horror Story' Finale: The Murder House Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers

Well, that was some end to the first season of "American Horror Story." If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was a series finale.

Luckily, the Ryan Murphy series was picked up for a second season in October. But I'm afraid that "American Horror Story" fans will have to wait a while for some of the most pressing questions to be answered... like how does the Murder House have all of this power?

[Note: If you did not see "American Horror Story's" first season finale on FX on Wed., Dec. 21, there are spoilers ahead.]

After a season full of shocking deaths and gruesome surprises, here's what we did learn in the Harmons' final hour:

Ben did die, and the Harmons definitely got their macabre happy ending.
Tim Burton couldn't have written a more beautifully morbid Season 1 ending for the Harmon family. Sure, Hayden (Kate Mara) did manage to hang Ben (Dylan McDermott) from a chandelier and kill him, but in the end, he was reunited with his wife Vivien (Connie Britton), teenage daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) and a permanent ghost baby. Remember that stillborn Vivien delivered? Yeah, it's a ghost baby. It was touching to see mother and baby reunited in the afterlife. Plus, with the help of ghostly housemaid Moira (Frances Conroy), the finally peaceful, happy-looking Harmons were able to celebrate Christmas together. And that's the last image we have of them.

Of course, that's not to say that they won't be back for Season 2. After all, the Murder House is still there, and some unknowing family will have to move in ... right? Or has Ryan Murphy closed the book on the Harmons?

The Murder House is a total ghost world.
We already knew that the mysterious Murder House trapped spirits, but I have to admit, at some point, seeing all of the ghastly spirits pop out of nowhere was a bit comical. After Hayden killed Ben, a new family moved into the Murder House. Vivien, Ben and Violet knew what they had to do: save this family from their own fate. So the Harmons decided to scare off the new family. It was pretty apparent that Vivien and Ben took a few notes from "Beetlejuice" because they had a little too much fun killing each other off in front of the terrified new owners.

The Harmons successfully chased away the new mortal Murder House inhabitants, and then they realized that's essentially their new job for all eternity. As long as Ben, Vivien and Violet are all on the same page, they should be able to keep the not-so-nice ghosts from killing off any new home owners.

Violet said goodbye to Tate... but for how long?
To prove his love to Violet, Tate (Evan Peters) tried to kill the new teenage boy that moved into the Murder House. Luckily, Violet talked him out of his sociopathic spell, and the two shared a simple, yet heart-breaking goodbye kiss. But it was goodbye for long. We later saw him outside the house with Hayden, watching the Harmons decorate their Christmas tree. He said he'd wait forever for Violet, and judging by his expression, he meant it. While the possibility of Tate and Violet is still there, it definitely seemed like Tate and Hayden were on the outside looking in for a reason.

Constance (Jessica Lange) is raising the demon baby, and he's a little killer.
Constance ended up rescuing the demon baby from Hayden and telling the cops that Violet stole him and ran away. Then, the show flashed forward three years. Sure enough, the now demon toddler murdered his nanny and viewers discovered that he indeed turned out to be a little sociopathic killer like his father Nate. Like father, like son certainly applied here.

In the very last scene of the finale, Constance asked demon toddler Michael, "Now what am I going to do with you?" Perhaps, that's the most pressing question "American Horror Story" viewers are left with at the end of Season 1. What is Constance going to do with the demon toddler? And why does she call him a child of great importance? Since the Harmons got their happy ending, is Season 2 going to revolve around antichrist Michael?

Constance definitely knows something that we don't, and it looks like we're just going to have to wait for the rest of our questions to be answered until the second season.

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